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“Hey, my name is Mark Fulwood. I am married to my beautiful Samantha, and together we have an adorable daughter named Evie. With them by my side, I hope to serve as an open and willing vessel to the church of City Arise. I was blessed with a childhood filled with the presence of God and I’ve loved Jesus for as long as I can remember. Father God is my king, my steadfast leader and the source of my identity. He has filled me with a passion to see people made whole and brought to a place of complete restoration in their mind, body and spirit. I believe God will use City Arise as a Centre to restore identity and passion to the people of Rockingham. I see followers of Christ walking in relationship with God, acting as lights and evidence of His goodness. My prayer is for His light that shines through us, to bring our greater community out of darkness and into a city with hearts turned toward Him."

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"Hi, I’m Marieka Lake. I have been married to my wonderful husband Greg for 18 years and together we have four beloved children. I was born and raised in Rockingham and this city has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up loving God, but it wasn’t until we moved halfway around the world, that I truly witnessed the majesty and power of my King. My husband and I were blessed with an opportunity to study for a year, at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2014. I returned, completely in love with Father God, with an unshakeable sense of who Jesus truly is. I long to share the presence of God with this city, while acting as a witness to His unending love. I believe there is so much more to Rockingham, than what its reputation will allow. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be transformed into a Kingdom city that will shine as a light unto our greater community."

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“Hey! My name is Sam Fulwood. I am married to the very handsome Mark and together we have a beautiful daughter named Evie, who brings us such joy. I am a graduate of Vose Seminary College and since then, I have had the privilege of working as a Children’s Pastor and College Chaplain. My greatest joy in these roles was the opportunity to share with others about who God is. Father God is everything to me. He is my friend, my defender and my greatest comfort. He has instilled within me a passion to share Him with my community and to see the presence of the Holy Spirit flood our city. I believe God is reclaiming the city of Rockingham, and that he will use City Arise to witness to its people. Our church has been called to serve our community as Jesus did, so that they too will encounter and be radically transformed by His love. Together we will seek to recognise and declare the value God has placed in all people and continue to foster the next generation of Jesus-loving disciples."

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"Hey Friends, my name is Greg Lake. I am married to the beautiful Marieka and together we have four wonderful kids who all have a heart for Jesus. A lot of my walk as a Christian was spent unaware of the extent of God’s power and love for me. However, during a yearlong trip to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in California, my relationship with Jesus was completely transformed. During this time, I became truly alive in my faith and God showed me the true depth of joy, wildness and freedom found in following Him. He has taught me that Jesus has given us His authority to perform miracles. I love to equip people in taking this authority to heal the sick and bring freedom to the oppressed. I believe God has spoken over our city of Rockingham and that its people will rise to truly see and represent His goodness to the world. I see City Arise as a church that will seek the greatness in each person, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will work to restore the people of Rockingham into who God created them to be. I love the presence of God and seeing people changed through an encounter with Him."